• Image of Gold Confetti album

1. Fifty-Five Fires
2. The Limitless Hours
3. Light Up My Life
4. Little Earthquakes
5. You Wake Me Up
6. Maybe
7. Endless
8. The Last One To Leave The Party
9. Mooncatcher
10. This Life
11. Slow Dance Me Away From Here

Even as the music propels them into daring territories, the eleven song album finds the band -- much like the great beasts that gave them their name -- stuck in the past. From their fondness for Raymond Chandler's Hollywood (The Last One To Leave The Party), and the bittersweet pull of distant loves (The Limitless Hours and Mooncatcher), to their re-casting of a local crime as a mediation on villainy (Fifty-Five Fires), Imperial Mammoth is a band that can't let go.